Can I fly or travel by air with my dot Board?

In most cases, you absolutely can travel by air with your dot Board. But there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Each airline has restrictions on what can and cannot be taken on board their flights. The most common restriction is total capacity. We’ve developed the dot Battery module so that it falls just below the 99Wh limit typically imposed by airline carriers. This means that in most cases you will be permitted to take your batteries as carry-on luggage, as long as they are disconnected from the rest of your dot Board.

Rules change frequently and carriers have the right to vary the conditions of carriage at the last minute, so please always follow instructions from relevant travel authorities. For some general tips on flying with your dot board:

  • Remove the batteries from your dot board whenever flying.
  • Pack the batteries into your hand luggage.
  • Check in the dot board as your check in luggage.
  • Do not use or transport a dot battery if the casing breaks open, leaks any substance, becomes excessively hot, or if you detect an unusual odour.
  • If you notice a problem with your battery when flying, alert airline personnel immediately.
Always check the latest information with your airline carrier and the relevant authority in your travel destination before travelling by air with a battery of any kind.